Lakshmi Ramgopal is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and ancient historian. She holds a PhD in Classics from the University of Chicago divides her time between Boston, MA and Chicago, IL.

Lakshmi releases ambient music through her project Lykanthea, and tours internationally with work that experiments with South Indian sound and movement traditions. Her debut EP Migration (2014) won praise from NoiseyChicago Tribune, Chicago Readerand Public Radio International's The World, and she recently showed sound installations at Chicago's Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art and Lincoln Park Conservatory. Her writing includes scholarship on cultural change in the Roman Empire as well as interviews and criticism concerning South Asian American identity, ancient history, and the intersections of race and the occult for Jezebel, Shondaland, Atlas Obscura, and Broadly.

She has been invited to speak and/or perform at Yale University, Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art, and Wave-Gotik in Leipzig, Germany. She was the recipient of a Rome Prize from the American Academy in Rome in 2014 and served as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics at Trinity College from 2016-2018. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University and working on her first book and second album.

Write to Lakshmi at and sign up for her TinyLetter some viscera for essays and updates.

Artist CV | Academic CV


Academic research
"Mobility." In A Cultural History of Western Empires, ed. C. Noreña. Bloomsbury UK, 2018.
"One and Many: Associations of Roman Citizens in Greece.” In Social Dynamics under Roman Rule. Mobility and Status Change in the Provinces of Achaia and Macedonia, Proceedings of a Conference Held in Athens, May 30th-31st 2014, MELETEMATA 74, ed. A.D. Rizakis, F. Camia, S. Zoumbaki, 407-425, 2017.

Essays and criticism:
A Guide to Delos, HumanxNature, December 2018
Brown Girls is the Show About Women, Friendship and Love You've Been Waiting ForJezebel, February 2017
Magic Is for Everyone: Meet Some of the Artists Bringing Racial Diversity to TarotCatapult, August 2017

Freelance reporting/interviews:
Demystifying Pamela Colman SmithShondaland, July 2018
Revealing the Unwritten Obstacles Faced by Academics of ColorLiterary Hub, May 2017
'Go and Reclaim Your Tools': Meet the Woman Behind Black Witch UniversityBroadly, October 2016
Avant-garde Pioneer Pamela Z Brings her Otherworldly Vocal Manipulations to ConstellationChicago Reader, Sept. 2016

UPcoming events

12.16.18 - musical performance: Gather fundraiser. Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL. All ages.
1.19.19 - musical performance: Roots & Culture, Chicago, IL. $10.
2.22.19 - academic lecture: “Race in Antiquity” (working title). Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities, University of Illinois,
Urbana-Champaign, IL.
7.5.19 - academic lecture: “A Diversity of Mobilities in the Roman Empire” (working title). 15th Congress of the Fédération
internationale des associations d'études classiques and the Classical Association Annual Conference, London, U.K.