5.15 - academic lecture: “Hierapolis and its Associations.” SAXO Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
7.5 - academic lecture: “A Diversity of Mobilities in the Roman Empire.” 15th Congress of the Fédération internationale des associations d'études classiques and the Classical Association Annual Conference, London, U.K.
7.28 - performance: Edgar Miller Legacy, Chicago, IL
8.9 - performance: Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL
10.16: academic lecture: University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
11.8: academic lecture: Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University, NYC
11.11: academic lecture: Center for the Ancient Mediterranean, Columbia University, NYC

the PAST:

4.20 - performance: Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, CA. 4:30pm, all ages, free.
4.19 - performance: Land and Sea, Oakland, CA.
4.18 - performance: Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA.
4.16 - performance: PAM residences, Los Angeles, CA
4.15 - academic lecture: “Sound, Indian American Femininities, and the Archive” (artist talk). Scripps College, Claremont, CA.
3.22 - performance: ACRE benefit, Chicago, IL
2.22 - academic lecture: “Italian Identities Abroad, 112 - 88 BCE.” Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL.
2.16 - performance: book release party for HausMagick (Erica Feldmann), Salem, MA.
1.19 - performance: Roots & Culture, Chicago, IL. $10.

12.16 - performance: Gather fundraiser. Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL. All ages.
10.9 - performance: Nook Gallery, Oakland, CA. RSVP required:
9.28 - academic lecture: "Patrons at Home, Patrons at Rome: Asian Cities and Associations of Roman Citizens." New Scholars Symposium, Bates College, Lewiston, ME.8.19.18 - musical performance: Arts + Literature Laboratory, Madison, WI
8.18 - performance: ACRE, Steuben, WI
7.15 - performance: Emporium Wicker Park, Chicago, IL
7.22 - performance: closing for A Half-Light Chorus with a multidisciplinary ensemble. Lincoln Park Conservatory, Chicago, IL
7.15 - performance: Emporium Wicker Park, Chicago, IL
7.8 - performance: Maalai. For Reinterpreting Religions (group show), Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago, IL
7.5 - performance: Five Lullabies by Lykanthea. Jefferson Park Library, Chicago, IL. 7pm
5.12 - performance: Open Engagement, Knockdown Center. Queens, New York
5.6 - performance: opening for A Half-Light Chorus. Lincoln Park Conservatory, Chicago, IL
4.19 - workshop: "Responsible Witchcraft: Decolonizing Your Magic" with Diana Rose Harper. HausWitch, Salem, MA
3.2 - academic lecture: "Intersectionality and the Mobility of Women, Slaves, and Freedpeople in the Roman World." Earlham College, Richmond, IN
2.10 - workshop: Greek and Roman Love Magic, HausWitch, Salem, MA

12.3 - panelist: Second Sexing Sound Symposium (Goethe Institute), Sector 2337, Chicago, IL
10.21 - performance: Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL
8.15 - performance: Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL
7.26 - performance: Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL
7.21 - sound installation: Maalai, Remembery, Chicago, IL
7.20 - reading: Whine Club, Uncharted Books, Chicago, IL
7.19 - curator: Ace of Cups II, Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL
7.18 - performance: Hideout, Chicago, IL
6.25 - sound installation and live performance: Maalai, Comfort Station, Chicago, IL
6.24 - performance: Slate Arts and Performance, Chicago, IL
6.22-25 - sound installation: Maalai, Comfort Station, Chicago, IL
6.14 - curator: Ace of Cups I Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL
4.28 - academic lecture: Department of Anthropology, Yale University, New Haven, CT
4.22 - panelist: Hand Over Fist Record Store Day Showcase x Intersectional Feminism Panel, Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL
4.18 - performance: Shows at the Brick House, Turners Falls, MA
3.16 - reading: Whine Club, Uncharted Books, Chicago, IL
3.16 - panelist: Peace Council (with journalist Brittany Julious), Vocalo 91.1 FM /
3.13 - musical performance: Feminist Happy Hour with SlutTalk, Whistler, Chicago
3.2 - academic lecture: College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA
2.15 - performance: Brooklyn Bazaar, Brooklyn, NY
1.24 - talk + musical performance: "Self-Care as Warfare," Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL
1.8 - academic lecture: Panel: "Power and Politics: Approaching Roman Imperialism in the Republic," Annual Meeting for the Society of Classical Studies, Toronto, Canada

12.17 - curator: ROSE QUARTZ (for Bystander/Self-Defense Training and Legal Readiness), Catalyst, Chicago, IL
12.15 - panelist: Therapy Sessions, Hungry Brain, Chicago, IL
12.13 - reading: Wax Long (a Chicago Park District storytelling event), Kelvyn Park, Chicago, IL
12.10 - performance: Nothing Up My Sleeve, Digital Art Demo Space, Chicago, IL
10.22 - musical performance: "Spellbound," Freehand Chicago, Chicago, IL
10.21 - talk: Curses! An Intro to Ancient Greek and Roman Magic, HausWitch, Salem, MA